A Toast to Beauty

You are cordially invited to join us for a night of indulgence in beauty, art, fashion and all things wonderful.Drexina Nelson Salon will be hosting the “Be Beautiful Salon Tour” November 14th 2013 at 7:00pm-10:00pm. This is your opportunity to take part in something grand. Mix and Mingle with some of the industry’s best hair artist, come out for your chance to be apart of salon elegance.image


Fall Fabulous


Fall is approaching rapidly and what’s better than the perfect winter attire? I’m glad you asked, the perfect lip to bring it all together. It’s time to change out those summer cosmetic bags.

Ravishing Reds, Passionate Plums and Seductive dark satin lips are ready to reveal their selves. Why not add a little flavor this season with the NARS, lip pencils which are convenient, vibrant, and long lasting. It’s perfect for any occasion, such as a holiday party and something you might find in Drexina Nelsons collection of lips.

 The NARS lip pencil is available in two wonderful textures Matte, and Satin. One of their highlighted colors for those cold nights, NARS velvet matte lip pencil “Train Blue.” This Plumping Plum adds a hint of sexy, with a little razzle dazzle to heat up those cold fall and winter nights.

You can find NARS cosmetics in your area at Nordstrom, SAKS Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Bloomingdales and also on the website www.NARScosmetics.comimage

Extensions to the Soul


Let’s bare it all, without extension most women feel as if their naked. At one time extensions were heavily frowned upon, but are now days becoming more main stream among all cultures, even though they’ve been around for years.

Extensions are the gate way to versatility.
Want to try a new color? Add a little pizazz to your look? Spice it up with a edgy new hair cut? Well, you can have all those and more, without compromising your natural hair. Extensions are convenient and the up keep on them are very minimal for the women on the go. If you have a hair emergency don’t worry, extensions to the rescue. For the modern women it is our covering.


Hair Detox

Hair Detox


Detox for your hair?  Yes, just as detoxing your body gets rid of toxins in your body, Detox for your hair gets rid of all the impurities and product buildup on your hair and scalp.  Ever wonder why your hair is thinning or will not grow? Many times it is due to the buildup of product, impurities from the air and, believe it or not, medication.  Medications have properties that attach to the hair strand and clog the cuticle.  The clogged cuticle is then unable to get the proper moisture that it needs and becomes brittle and begins to break or split, causing split ends.  This is why it is important to clean your hair with a good clarifying shampoo. However, most clarifying shampoos only go so far into the cuticle and may not be able to get to those metals that have attached to the hair from medications or relaxers.  That’s when the detox treatment comes into play.  The DetoxiPHi treatment by Silk 2 is an intensive deep cleansing treatment that cleans deep down into the cuticle, leaving the hair free from product and harmful metals and additives. Once the hair and scalp is clean from the DetoxiPHi treatment, the cuticle is left open and clean from all impurities and ready for a new start. It’s like starting from scratch! You can then add in the moisture with the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  It also makes color last longer and makes hair much healthier.  With a nice cut to get rid of those dead ends, you now have a fresh clean head of “NEW” hair. The hair Detox should only be done as needed not more than every 4 months. So get ready for healthy, shiny hair and scalp with Silk2 DetoxiPHi only available at Drexina Nelson Salon.  


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